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Surveillance & Safety

Camera & Optical

Our fully integrated solutions include the design and implementation of both indoor and outdoor cameras, switches, cabling and video hosting. We provide a wide range of brands and options for all our products, as well as a choice of on-site or cloud hosting for your data.

Monitoring Room

Use our software to identify and detect events automatically and send alerts to on-site security teams. Our advanced software is able to detect events like on-site intruders, crowd build-up or congestion points and loitering. The data we collect is then analysed to provide valuable information for our clients to improve efficiency and security. 

Smart Alarm System
Alarm & Safety

Alarm and safety systems can be integrated with camera and software to provide a comprehensive security solution for your location. We offer fire safety systems which are in line with industry standards, as well as intruder alarms which can be integrated with a surveillance system to trigger alarms and alerts.

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