Building solutions.

Securing lives.

Specialist in surveillance, access control, and digital solutions


We provide solutions for large and small developments. These include retail and home, up to full scale building and development implementations.

Our clients include retail chains as well as large shopping malls, residential properties, and schools.

Access Control

We provide comprehensive access control solutions.

These include both indoor and outdoor access controls like bio-metrics and scanner systems, thermal imaging and visitor tracking, as well as outdoor access controls like gantry and bollard systems and perimeter security. 

Digital Solutions

Our solutions create additional value for your business. We analyze data in your surveillance and movement records, and provide insights to improve traffic and security.

We also provide technology and digital consulting for businesses looking to modernize and unlock potential for growth and efficiency.



Integrated Security Solutions (ISS) specializes in security & digital solutions. We are a BCA registered contractor as specialists in security systems and communications (ME04).


Incorporated in 2000, we have a track record of consulting, designing, implementing, and maintaining security solutions which include surveillance and safety systems, internal and external access control, and analytics.


We also provide consulting for businesses to digitalize and adopt new technologies, helping them to improve efficiency, increase revenue, and lower costs.

Our clients and projects include large retail malls and offices, as well as residential developments and schools. We also cater for solutions in individual retail shop spaces and residential units.

Some of our partners

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Tel: +65 9665 3993

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